me and jack on set back in may

were carefuly inspecting the bag and picked
a handful of skittles to throw in your mouth
some may hurt if land elsewhere but nothing
will ever compare to the joy provided by the
rainbow describing a parabola and finding a
warm wet soft shelter between your lips
perhaps your favorite sound is that very one
with a potential to hurt our ears or maybe
your favorite image is that of a black cougar
slyly making its way into our dreams thirsty
for menace and pain and non-innocent red ink
supplies and one would think of that as sad
but not us not us who endure a great climb
and a tedious descent and a flight over the
pacific and are forced to shelter inside an
ugly cocoon our sole belief is the awakening
of that corner of your face but please please
forgive us if we were too loud it's just that
it took really long for the sun to rise here
and as we mumbled an upset demand he
shone upon us and everything was perfectly

[depois de frank o'hara]